About Us

HRSMA, a subsidary of the Henrusian Cultural Association (HRSCA, is to spread the mascot fandom to the entire nation and (the entire) Earth. Founded in 21st August 2016 by Henry Tan, immediately after the Rio 2016 Olympics, he felt that, hey, there is so many mascots out there, with the potential to be popular, and to be loved by the people of the world, and yet they have limited recognition. Therefore, with the approval of the HRSCA, he had HRSMA. Together, Henry made the entire nation (Henrusia) go berserk with the Rio 2016 Olympic mascot Vinicius, and now the citizens are experiencing the cuteness explosion phenomena. Geez, how much power does Vinicius even possessed?And from there, we had a mission: to spread the mascot fandom, whether new or old, to the entire world! Our community will grow, bringing the people of Earth and mascots together, and shall the fandom spread forever!

-The Chairperson and Founder