Aubie is the first school mascot to be recognised and listed under the Active Mascot Promotion List by HRSMA

First school mascot to be listed under HRSMA’S Active Mascot Promotion list! How much have we ever noticed that he possesses the energy founded in mascots of major sporting events (the Olympics, CWG)? He is the perfect “best of both worlds”! What do you think? He’s perfect. Very soon, he will be the first school mascot to be in HRSMA! Oh my gosh this is exciting!

For a school mascot with the energy, enthusiasm and standard of an CWG and Olympic mascot, I would credit Aubie for this. He caught our attention when we noticed that there is even a mascot chapionship in the US! And he won 9 times in the UCA? That is amazing. I’m speechless. That’s it. We are enrolling him to HRSMA. Spread the news, people!

-The Chairperson